Turkey Located on the Anatolian peninsula, home to many civilizations have made unique. Thanks to its geographical location between Asia and Europe, it has served as a bridge in many issues. The traces left on these lands constitute the cultural heritage today. It is possible to come across temples that lived in our lands in the past and dedicated to gods and goddesses in many places.

Both the development of ancient civilizations in Anatolia, the apostles in the early periods of Christianity and the heavy oppression and extermination policies they encountered in the countries where the Jews were in the Middle Ages took refuge in Anatolian lands and were welcomed with tolerance, besides the works belonging to Islam, the Turks’ own religion, many churches. Has caused synagogues and other temples and schools and foundations providing religious education to take place in Anatolia. The extant works of the Turkish deep sense of respect and tolerance in line with Islamic, Turkey is bringing more advantageous position than other countries. Turkey has been in a unique position so central belief; Gobeklitepe, which is considered as the first place of worship in history, is also located in these lands.

Considering the tendency of visiting holy places to be visited by tourists of these religions into a phenomenon of tourism is defined as Faith Tourism. Work towards the realization of certain activities under the name of faith tourism in Turkey began in 1995. Between 1995 and 1998, “Faith Tourism” tours were organized with the participation of many foreign tour operators, press members and experts on the subject. In Anatolia, within the scope of Faith Tourism; There are important visiting centers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Turkey’s religious tourism and to get more information about the routes to be seen about the number +90212267 12 09 or you can contact us through our e-mail address is incoming@marveltour.com.tr