The healthy tourism certificate program has yielded positive results – the latest of which is Germany’s recent lifting of a travel ban to several Mediterranean resort towns, Turkey is aiming to introduce its virus-free healthy tourism program to all target markets in a bid to provide a lifeline to the pandemic-hit sector following various positive developments, which include Germany’s recent lifting of a travel ban.

The country has initiated a “Health Tourism Certification Program” coordinated by the Culture and Tourism Ministry along with several other related ministries, including the Health Ministry, and has taken a series of measures at airports, transportation facilities, hotels and other touristic establishments.

Information about those measures has been shared with foreign diplomats, tourism agencies and press members, who were able to examine the measures on-site.

The most recent promotion was held for Germany’s leading travel agency representatives, while similar activities have also been held for Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine and Indonesia.

Furthermore, 50 diplomatic mission representatives and 52 foreign press members based in Turkey, along with their families, were hosted in southern Antalya province on the Mediterranean coast, Güler stated, adding that a total of 70 tourism agency representatives from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine and Indonesia had also been hosted in several
other promotion events along with press members from those countries.