While it was based on holidays, accommodation in hotels, staying in summer houses, eating and drinking, traveling and seeing, the trends of tourism are now changing. A new tourism trend is starting; experience tourism. People no longer just wait to see and take photos on their travels, they also wants to experience the events they see.

The expectations of people from tourism have come from traveling and taking plenty of pictures. The places they visit, It wants to experience its texture, geography, history, historical places and experiences. Making pottery in the earthenware workshop, producing wine in the vineyard, milking the cow from the cow, taking the egg from the chicken itself, and even cooking their own food. The tourism trend is changing from collecting photographs to collecting memories. This change is also changing popular tourism routes. Even though it was popular in the past, Cappadocia has evolved to become the center of tourism today. Making clay pottery, the balloon experience, unique historical cellars have attracted the attention of people. These experiences are not only experienced during travels, but people exhibit their own pottery, wine, painting, sculpture in the corners of their homes, and the new crafts they learn while traveling continue as their hobbies in the city. Doing instead of looking, living instead of seeing is the most accurate definition of experience tourism.

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