This is not a typical cruise, nor a sport.
Above all, this is a meeting with nature, the opportunity to swim in clear and temperate waters, to dive and discover the secret of the undersea, to windsurf or just sunbath or fish…
You do not need any previous sailing experience: the boat’s crew is at your service during the entire trip. The captain along with two or three sailors, one of which is a cook, will take care of everything. What you have to do: Just Relax…
Your mornings will be spent by sunbathing, swimming or reading until lunch….
Always fresh and natural.


Gulets evolved from the traditional commercial sailing vessels used mainly for transporting goods around the coast of Turkey. The original design, known as a Tirhandil, is very elegant, like an elongated saucer with the bow only slightly more pointed than the stern. Developed from the traditional Tirhandil, the most common Gulet available now is the Ketch Gulet, adapted to make the vessel more practical as a charter vessel, with a squared off stern, raised rear deck and steeper sides, providing space for two more cabins at the rear and larger cabins along each side of a central corridor. Space enough in every cabin for a full size double bed and bathroom facility.


Blue Voyage is the most enjoyable way of coastal discovery heading from Turkish coast and between small Greek islands. You have the chance to spend a week afloat on traditional  sailing boats called “GULETS”. You will enjoy having the privilege of getting a friendly service an adventurous journey, giving you the chance of relaxation while lazing on deck and watching the sundown on crystal waters. It is also the best way to forge new friendships while sharing a joke over a cold beer or having a delicious mixed of Greek and Turkish meal.


For a group of friends or a family, you can charter an entire boat and choose your itinerary. If you are passionate about sailing, do not hesitate: a vacation on our gullets with a seasoned crew will be unforgettable.

Group Charter Cruises

For a group of friends or a family, you can charter an entire boat and choose your itinerary. If you are passionate about sailing, do not hesitate: a vacation on our gullets with a seasoned crew will be unforgettable.

For groups who want to charter a boat for privately can choose one of the yachts from our list. This type of charter can give you the flexibility of making your own itinerary. You can start your cruise any harbor between Bodrum to Antalya. We will be very glad to provide you with the necessary information according to your wishes.

The yacht which you’d like to reserve can be confirmed by us after receiving the down payment. There is no matter of changing your booking unless any unexpected situation occurs. If this happens you will be provided with a similar or upgraded yacht.

To be able to suggest you the best tour alternatives we need to know your wishes about desired route, yacht and budget.

§ The number of passengers

§ Charter date and duration.

§ Preferred ports of embarking and disembarking

§ Expectation of the group (Sailing, Luxury, Culture tours, sightseeing etc.)

Cruise Itineraries

BODRUM – BODRUM (Gulf of Gökova)

1.Day: Boarding the yacht in Bodrum, welcome drink and information about the  yacht and the tour program, overnight in Bodrum Harbour or in Aquarium-is going to be configurated according to the arrival time in town.

2.Day: Departure after the breakfast. Cruising about 1 hour, first stop by Karaada, the little island across Bodrum. After lunch, sailing approx. 3-4 hr. arriving to Çatı, a lovely bay, surrounded with pine trees on the south coast of the gulf. Dinner and overnight here.

3.Day: After the breakfast and 1,5 hr. sailing, reaching the region of Seven Islands. In Küfre Bay, we suggest you to make a short walk through the storax (liquidamber) forest.

4.Day: After the  breakfast, 1,5 hr. sailing will bring us to Löngöz Bay. After 1,5 hr. sailing more, we arrive to Karacasöğüt. This small village is only 30 km far from Marmaris. You may rent a minibus after dinner and  spend sometime in Marmaris.

5.Day: After breakfast, sailing to the Cleopatra (Cedreae) Island. There’s a wonderful little beach, situated on the west part of the island. It’s said that, the sand of this beach was brought for Cleopatra from the desert of North Africa. In the afternoon, we leave from the island to anchor in one of the bays in Değimenbükü. A small creek on the west side of this bay is called İngiliz  Limanı (English Harbour). This name was derived during the Second World War to this harbour, where English torpedo boats were hidden in this cove.

6.Day: Leaving English Harbour, we cruise to the northern side of the gulf to Akbük. We will have a swimming, surfing… etc break here. In the afternoon, we continue our trip to Çökertme Bay( 2 hours)

7.Day: Today we cruise back to Bodrum. After swimming breaks by Oraklar and / or Çiftlik, we will cruise to Tavşanburnu. Last dinner on boat is in Bodrum Harbor.

8.Day: After the breakfast, disembarking in Bodrum.

MARMARIS – MARMARIS (Gulf of Fethiye)

1. Day: Boarding the yacht in Marmaris in the afternoon. Welcome drink and information about the yacht and the cruise. Dinner and overnight in Marmaris Harbour.

2. Day: Departure after breakfast. Cruising approx. 2 hours to Ekincik. In Ekincik, it is available to make a trip to the ancient city of Caunos by small boats. In ancient Caunos City you can see Lycian Rock Tombs and also you can take a mud bath in sulfurous mud. The journey will be made in the labyrinth on the delta of Dalyan River, surrounded with thick vegetation of reed. In Dalyan also it is available to see the beach of Iztuzu,  where famous sea turtles -called Caretta Caretta live. Dinner and overnight is in one of a bay in Ekincik.

3. Day: After breakfast cruising approx. 3,5 hours till Ağalimanı behind  Kurdoğlu bay for lunch and swimming break. Arriving to the Manastır Bay for dinner and overnight in the afternoon.

4. Day: After breakfast, departure from Manastır. Cruising around Fethiye Gulf by visiting other charming bays like Tersane Island and Yassıca Island according to the condition of the weather. Late in the afternoon arriving to Göcek for dinner and overnight.

5.Day: Early in the morning departure from Göcek to Fethiye. In Fethiye you can have a possibility to make a walk to the Lycian rock tombs of ancient Telmessos. You can also make a small tour in Fethiye. After lunch, cruising to Ölüdeniz. (Charter yachts are not allowed to enter the inner side of Ölüdeniz.) A long swimming stop here and than cruising to Gemiler Island for dinner and overnight.

6.Day: A long cruise approx. 4 hours to Disibilmez for lunch. After lunch cruising Ekincik region with swimming breaks. Dinner and overnight in  another charming bay in this region.

7.Day: After breakfast cruising to İnceada Lunch and swimming stops in Gebekilise Kadırga and Turunç where are on the west part of Marmaris. Last dinner is in Marmaris Harbour.

8.Day: Disembarking in Marmaris after breakfast.

This Program can be change by captain under weather conditions
Excursions are not including

ANTALYA – ANTALYA (The Gulf of Kekova)

1.Day: Embarking the yacht  in Antalya or Kemer  in the afternoon. Welcome drink and information about the yacht and the tour program. Dinner and overnight here.

2.Day: Departure after breakfast and harbour formalities. Cruising about 2 hours, first stop by Sazak Bay. In the late afternoon a short cruise to Çavuş Limanı (Adrasan), dinner and overnight here.

3.Day: After a long cruise of 5 hours we arrive the harbour of Demre. Breakfast on the way. Demre (Kale) is the modern settlement on the place of an  ancient city of Myra. In Demre you can visit the church of St. Nicholas, who was the Bishop of the city in the 4th century. This saint who has gathered to himself a large body of mythology is no other than Santa Claus of the western world. Other highlights of the village are the ancient theatre and the neighbouring Lydian rock tombs,  worth to be visited. Late in the afternoon cruising to Gökkaya Bay for dinner and overnight.

4. Day: Cruising along the northern (land) side of  Kekova Island and  visiting the ruins of the “sunken city”. The water is specially clear here and you can see the ruins almost the whole length of Kekova Island. In the afternoon, we arrive Kaş. It is possible to visit the ancient Lycian cities Xanthos, Letoon and Patara. Overnight in the harbour or in one of the small bays around Kaş ,according to the preference of the guests.

5.Day: Back to Kemer/Antalya. On the way back of Kekova, we will visit other interesting places in the region of Kale – Üçağız, which we passed over and on the way to Kaş. Overnight in Karaloz Bay, on the southern (sea) side of  Kekova Island.

6.Day: Arriving Olympos before noon. The ancient Olympos city (2th century BC) was built on the two banks of a river, today covered by dense vegetation. After lunch, you can walk around the ruins if you do not hesitate to have a longer walk (about 1,5 hours), you can walk till Yanartaş (Chimiera). On a hill of Tahtalı (Olympos) Mountain (2375) m), there are holes which methane gas leaks and it burns day and night. Dinner and overnight in Ceneviz Limanı.

7.Day: After a short cruise, arriving to Phaselis. The city is believed to have founded in the 7th century BC and had three harbours during the Roman period. We will drop anchor in one of this harbours. You may take a visit  in  the shadow of pine threes, or just relax on board. Dinner and overnight here or in the Ayışığı Bay (according to transfer time of the guests).

8.Day: After the breakfast, disembarking in Antalya.

Cabin Charter Cruises

Cabin charter guarantee tours are for guests who do not charter a whole yacht privately. Traditional Bodrum wooden boats named Gullets are used for this program. The yachts are between 4 to 10 cabins and each cabin has a private WC and shower. Embarkation time is 17:00 disembarkation time is 10:00 o’clock. The service starts with dinner on the first day finishes after the breakfast on the last day.

Cabin Charter Routes

Antalya – Antalya :
Every Saturday
From Antalya Setur Marina or Kemer.
Cruising up to Kekova

Bodrum – Bodrum :
Every Saturday and Sunday
Gulf of Gökova

Marmaris – Marmaris :
Every Saturday
Gulf of Fethiye