Izmir – Half Day.

Modern and old city; Archaeological Museum, Agora and Alexander’s Castle.

Ephesus – Full day.

Lunch included. Basilica of St. John, Mosque of Isabey, Archaeological Museum, Temple of Artemis, the ancient city of Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary.

Pergamon – Full day.

Lunch included. Acropolis, Temple of Athena, the library, the theatre, view of the Red Basilica, Archaeological Museum and Asclepion.

Priene, Miletus & Didyma – Full day.

Lunch included. Temple of Apollo in Didyma; the great theatre, Roman Baths and the agora in Miletus; and the theatre, Temple of Athena and Prytaneion in Priene.

Sardis – Full day.

Lunch included. The ruins of ancient Gymnasium, the Synagogue from Roman period and Temple of Artemis in Sardis.

Aphrodisias – Full day.

Lunch included. Archaeological Museum, Theatre,  Odeon, Bishop’s Palace, Stadium and Temple of Aphrodite. Hierapolis antique city, free time to enjoy hot waters.

Pamukkale – Full day.

Lunch included. Hierapolis antique city, free time to enjoy hot waters.